Many parents want to get the practical tips to put forward in order to make it easier for their baby to go to sleep at night.

A simple and easy practice to start with is to slowly establish a bedtime routine as early as 8 weeks old with your baby. This gets him used to a ritual that will be both reassuring and herald that nighttime is coming.

Babies learn by repetition. They associate more things as they get older. This is why it is suggested to initiate a calm moment starting at 5.30 pm in order to decrease the stimulation before starting, around 6 pm, the sleep routine itself.

For the sleep routine, you may, for example, start by giving a warm/hot bath followed by a massage with a moisturizer all over its body before swaddling your baby. You can continue by singing a song or reading a story - even if he's still just an infant - before rocking and feeding him.

The more important thing is that the baby learns more and more to fall asleep alone in his bed. This requires that he needs to be placed in his crib when he is still semi-awake, comatose or sleepy for him to see that he is in his bed before in falls asleep.

A sleeping bag allows the baby to be covered at all times and parents love it because they don't have to worry about their baby being cold at night if they got undressed.

The Sleëp swaddle system from bblüv is in this sense a practical and adaptable tool, because you can use the pod position to promote self-soothing to your infant and then open the sleeves so that the baby can take out his arms out when the time is right.

Good night and sweet dreams everyone!

See you soon,

Marie Fortier, the baby expert