Fall is around the corner and of course, as parents we need to prepare for this season so that it’s going to be easier and safer for everyone. There are a few things to consider to make sure to be prepared and one of them is with clothing.

Dressing you baby appropriately for fall

Of course, with the temperatures that lower in fall, it’s important to dress your baby appropriately because babies and toddlers are more vulnerable to cool temperatures. For this, we highly suggest that you dress you baby in layers for many reasons. Here are few of them:

  • Fall mornings can be very cool while it can be much warmer in the afternoon and if your baby isn’t at hoe to change, put layers on is a good idea.
  • You want your baby to wear as little clothing as possible when strapped in the car seat for safety reasons because you want the straps as closed to the body as possible.
  • Fall can be rainy and having a water proof layer is a very good idea.
baby with a raincoat BBLüv

Baby car seat safety for fall and even winter

Like stated earlier, you want your baby to be as close as possible to the car seat straps for safety to avoid slipping form the clothing layers that might be between your baby and the straps. However, you also need to protect your baby from the cold. Putting a blanket over the straps is a good solution or even better, using a specific baby car seat cover. This is very warm when it’s closed and you open it back when you are in the car and at your destination.

baby seat fall and winter cover bblüv

Staying active with baby in fall

Even if fall is often more rainy and cooler, the baby and the parents need to stay active for motor development, fun and health reasons. Of course, the baby and the parents must dress accordingly.

Here’s an example of a toddler exploring the world on a rainy day and having a lot of freedom and a lot fun.

For parents that want to be active with a baby or a toddler, it’s a great idea and make sure that the baby is ok because babies get cold much faster.

Hiking with baby bblüv

Involving your baby or your toddler in family tasks

Fall is often a time when we cook more and we prepare the house for the coming winter and it implies different tasks. Involving your baby or your toddler with those tasks is a very good idea for many reasons:

  • He or she will learn by watching and maybe by imitation now or later on.
  • He or she will have the impression of participating and helping the family.
  • The task will be done (slower but done) while the baby is awake giving more time for other activities or tasks when the baby will take a nap.

Here’s an example of cooking while the baby is watching and supervising everything!

Cooking with baby for the fall season bblüv

Your toddler can even help you in other tasks like fixing the house or stringing wood with a cart for winter.

Helping your baby or your toddler to visualize the autumn scenary

Finally, you can take time to relax and to show or explain to your baby that colors in the trees, cold and snow will be coming soon and that it will be fun because you will do different activities. Babies and toddlers love to discover new environments so making it fun is always a good way to go.

You can even look at books to show or draw the scenery that will be coming soon!

A toddler watching an autumn scenary bblüv