Using a baby carrier is great! The baby sleeps or relaxes better because he or she hears her mother’s heart like in the womb. Moreover, skin to skin for kinesthetic needs is a great way to appease the baby while the mother has free hands to do what she wants.

For those reasons, when your baby won’t sleep one of the best way to put your little one into a relaxing state is to use a baby carrier.

However, using a baby carrier needs a little bit of preparation to make sure that it’s safe for the baby. Here are 3 options of baby carrier that a parent can use:

  • A baby carrier that is a small bag with clips
  • A baby carrier done with a ringsling
  • A baby carrier done with a node.

How to use baby carrier infant insert?

The baby carrier as a small bag with clips is the easiest to use and it’s the one that needs the less education/preparation before using it. It’s also the option that necessitates a bigger budget. There are many good companies that offer different models of baby carrier. The call it the infant insert because it’s really that simple. Here’s a video showing you how to use one of them.

How to wrap a baby carrier with a ring sling?

Using a ring sling is also relatively easy and it requires a little more of knowledge on how to wrap it to make sure that it’s safe. Here’s a video showing you how to wrap a baby carrier with a ring sling.

How to wrap a baby carrier with a node?

This is the most affordable option and you must make sure that you know what you are doing with this one. This option is usually used with toddlers because they can express themselves if they want to get out of the baby carrier to walk and they can also inform the parent if they are slipping because of a lose node. However, if done well, the node and the whole baby carrier is safe.

Here’s how to wrap a baby carrier with a node. All you need is a scarf and this knowledge.

The baby carrier: a life changing experience for the baby and the parents

The baby carrier is a life changing experience for the baby and the parents so we highly recommend it. We also invite you to study carefully how to set them up for obvious safety reasons. Chose the solution you are the most comfortable with.

A word of caution with the baby carrier

Even if it’s not the case for all baby carriers, we highly recommend that your baby’s legs are supported at the hip (hips elevated) so that there’s less traction stress (from gravity) on your baby’s hips.

Because the baby’s musculature and neuro motor development are just starting and because the bone structure isn’t as ossified as children or adults, make sure that your baby carrier set up puts your baby in a good ergonomic position.

For the rest, enjoy this great experience for both of you!