Did you know that you should not cut a newborn baby's nails until they are hardened and peeled off from the finger's skin?

Afterwards, there is another option available to you if you feel uncomfortable with the fear of cutting off the baby's fingertip during nail care.

Bottom line, the most important thing is that your child has nails short enough to avoid any injuries and you can do so by filing the nails of the baby instead of cutting them. Ideally, you should do it when the baby is sleeping on you or when he is calm like in the evening after bath time.

Filing the nails does not hurt the baby at all. You can file the nail without touching the fingertips and toes, and round the corners to prevent ingrown toenails. You only have to do it about once a week for the hands and when necessary for the toenails since they grow less quickly.

The Trimö by bblüv has a small rotary file which is a perfect tool to use for this care on your baby. No need to worry or be afraid any more, filing nails is a perfect solution for you!