This is an excellent and difficult question to answer.  However it deserves to be answered because it's bblüv's fundamental purpose.

Good parenting and good childcare can be defined as the set of theoretical and practical knowledge to optimize the development of young children and especially babies.

If we refer to the Latin origins of the word, its exact meaning is "care for children". Knowing that babies and young children are in a time window where neuromotor, emotional and psychosocial development is at their peak, parenting and childcare are as much an art as a science.

Good parenting is a concept based on conscious and benevolent parenthood where the development of the baby takes place in a playful context (both for the baby and for the parents) and focused on the needs to promote its optimization.

To place it in context, pediatrics is the science where doctors often take care of babies and children in a curative approach while good parenting is more of a preventive approach provided by the parents. At first, it is mostly attributed to the mother, especially during pregnancy, childbirth and subsequently breastfeeding.

Although experts in early childhood and child psychology have quite similar recommendations regarding the needs to optimize the development of the baby, everything must be done in balance with parental values ​​and the family context.

The axes on which parenting and childcare can be applied will vary according to age and they may include the following aspects:

  • Live in a safe environment on a physical and emotional level
  • Eat healthily in a pleasant context starting with the quality of the mother's diet during pregnancy
  • Have stimulating, enjoyable interpersonal interactions with parents, other adults and other children
  • Have enough rest time in order to well recover, grow and consolidate the learnings made during awake time

The concept of good parenting starts as early as pregnancy through communication with the baby in the womb and actions such as developing a birth plan. It will take place over a variable period depending on the development of the child as well as the evolution of the dependent relationship with his parents.

In a nutshell, parenting is fascinating and allows you to live a fulfilling experience while raising people who will have the necessary tools to optimize their full potential!

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