You have no idea how many questions a couple can ask themselves in the early process of becoming a parent and dealing with all the unknowns that surround the arrival of a baby in their life!

As basic as it may sound, one can genuinely wonder what to pack in a diaper bag to make sure all the essentials needed are covered when going out with the baby. What do experienced parents can tell us about this? 

First and foremost, make sure you choose a bag that is large enough, practical and comfortable enough to transport and store all the items you will need.

For the baby

The essentials: formula milk (if not breastfed), at least 8 diapers, wet wipes, a waterproof bag to dispose of soiled diapers, 2 pajamas, bibs and small stockings.
The nice to have: a muslin, a baby carrier and a waterproof mat for changing the baby are very popular. For space and commodity, choose travel sizes for everything related to soap, moisturizer and diaper cream.
Depending on the season: a hat, warm clothes, a nasal aspirator device with saline water, sunscreen, cheek balm, mosquito repellent and sunglasses.
Depending on the age and stage of her baby's development: a pacifier, a teething toy, two miscellaneous toys and snacks.

For the parents

On the practical side, have your baby's health insurance, group insurance and hospital cards with you. Also consider having a first aid kit handy in the car that includes acetaminophen, Epipen (in case of allergy) and Benadryl. You can also include a bottle warmer, nursing apron and pads as well as hand sanitizer to use at all times.

Finally, a bottle of water is always a good idea to hydrate yourself and share it with the baby according to his age. As you can see, you never travel light with a baby!

See you soon,

Marie Fortier, the baby expert